Monday, August 25, 2008

Simple, Short, and Sweet

Well, Neal has finished the first week of school. Feelings on that: it's going to be a long, tough semester! He has his senior design class, in addition to four other classes, and it is already taking up SO much of his study time. He really likes the project though, so hopefully it will be an enjoyable time working with the team.

I'm still job searching. :( I had an interview this morning, and I got called back for a second interview tomorrow. It is a 6 hour interview!! We'll see what happens. We are really trying to trust God in each step of the job searching process. Sometimes it is easier than others!

I think that is about it for now! Will post again when something exciting or news worthy occurs!

Until then,

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Wrap-Up

Well, summer is almost over.

It has been an interesting, exciting, and jam packed one! Starting off celebrating our one year wedding anniversary in June, followed by the weddings of two of Neal's brothers, in that same month. July was spent job searching. After literally a dozen interviews and several offers, I'm still looking. We just don't feel as if any of the offers have been the right path...yet. Hopefully soon!

Neal has finished out his 5th co-op rotation with GE Energy. He has also interviewed for their Operations Management Leadership Program (OMLP), which was a two day process! We heard the results of that this past Friday, the 8th. The Lord has closed the door for the program, but has definitely opened up several other job opportunities for when he finishes school in May 2009.

August has brought VACATION!!! Neal & I are currently down on St. George Island, Florida. My mom and dad, gran-gran, as well as all my sisters, and Leah's boyfriend, Blake, as well as Mr. Thompson, Rachel, and Lori are all bunking together in ONE house! Family vacations are a blast: sleep, eat, play, repeat! We've only had two days of inclement weather so far, but that hasn't stopped several of us from running right on in the ocean!

School will start back for Neal on Monday, the 18th. It will be a challenging semester for him trying to take 5 classes, including his 40+ hours per week senior design project, which he will be doing in conjunction with GE Energy. He found out yesterday that he will be able to work several hours a week, whenever he can, at the office of our apartment building. That will be such a blessing and a help.

It is kind of a strange feeling not having to look in the course catalog, or have the exact registration time etched in my mind so as not to miss it by a split second and loose the perfect schedule I have been working on for weeks! And then, the alumni news comes in my inbox!! Oh, please stop this "moving in to the 'real world' "! We know the Lord has all of our steps perfectly planned and all we have to do is trust in His way!

Well, this is all for now. Off to the ocean waves!