Monday, January 2, 2012

A Quick Look Back at 2011

I almost can't believe we are already into 2012! It has been a very restful holiday break. Neal has been off work since Friday before Christmas! It has been really nice having an extra pair of hands and eyes on the munchkin! He goes back tomorrow, and I, and definitely Amelia who yells for "DAAADDYYY" as soon as she wakes up, will miss having him home all day.

But, we must move along with our days and get back into somewhat of a routine. I took a quick look at my goals I posted for 2011, and well, I didn't get many of them done, only 47%, but I did do a lot of other things that weren't on the list!

· DIY curtains for Master Bath
· DIY curtains for Office/Craft Room
· Frame Diplomas
· DIY Bedspread in master
· Find and refinish bedside tables for master
· DIY skirting for crib
· Put shelves in nursery and master closet
· DIY something to the fan for the nursery
· Install above mentioned fan in nursery
· Decide on wall art for behind the sofa
· Set up a chair/rocking chair in the bay window (We actually just re-arranged sofas!)
· Refinish a buffet piece for downstairs
· Figure out how to plant a vegetable garden
· Keep the aforementioned vegetable garden alive…long enough to harvest its fruits!
· Research becoming a certified natural childbirth educator
· Sew more
· Scrapbook 2010 (pictures have been ordered!)
· Scrapbook our 2008 Europe trip (pictures have been printed for over a year now)
· Take more pictures in 2011 than I did in 2010
· Cook at least one new meal a week (A lot of new ones, but not every week)
· Bake bread
· Prepare Sunday school lessons before Saturday
· Keep files organized as we go through the year

We did do a lot of traveling and celebrating with friends this year. Here's a quick synopsis:

Snowmageddon (wasn't that what we were calling it?!)

Neal and I had our 25th birthdays
Celebrated 6 Parker family birthdays

Nephew #4, Damon August was born
Day trip to Helen, Ga

Neal travelled to Croatia for 10 days
Amelia and I travelled to Savannah
Day trip to Chatanooga for wedding of Louisville friends
Amelia's first Easter in her handmade, forgotten buttons in the back, dress
Travelled to Athens for a welcome party for Damon August

Celebrated 125 years of Coca-Cola at Centennial Park downtown Atlanta
First Mother's day!
Overtnight trip to Montgomery for Air Force OTS graduation

Little sister's high school graduation party
First Father's day!
Sharon's going-away party at our house

Amelia's first plane ride
Travelled to Washington, DC to celebrate Independence Day
Travelled to Athens for Nephew #1's 2nd birthday
Neal travelled to West Virginia for one night to help move his sister
Travelled to Savannah & Statesboro for Anderson family reunion

Travelled to St. George Island for a week beach vacation
Mini highschool reunion
Overnight trip to West Virginia for Sharon's White Coat Ceremony

Travelled to Boone, NC for Labor Day weekend
Went to 6 Flags for the first time in about 8 years! (and Neal lost his keys and broke his phone :( )
My first overnight trip away from Amelia
Amelia Bedelia book signing
Travelled to Savannah for weekend
2 year house anniversary

In-laws in town from Israel for the month
Lots of friends over for dinner
Amelia's first visit to the zoo (and it was free! Check out your library for details)

Found out we were expecting Baby #2!
Joined the neighborhood BOD for the HOA
GT vs. VT Game (we lost and it was freezing :( )
Thanksgiving at our house
Thanksgiving at in-law's house
Ran a 5k

Christmas parties
Christmas shopping trips
3 Christmas celebrations
New Years eve party with friends
Neal home for a whole week!

So, it was a whirlwind year, and I'm sure 2012 is going to keep marching right along. I should really sit down and figure out how many miles we travelled out of town! But in the mean time, I wanted to just jot down some simple goals for 2012, just so I can look back in another year and see part of what I did do.

  • Clean out and move the office into the guest room before Baby #2 comes

  • Paint Baby #2's room

  • Twin beds in Amelia's room

  • Build toy storage

  • Plant the vegetable garden that I've spent several hours planning and researching

  • Again, keep the vegetable garden alive!

  • Cook one new meal every other week

  • Go to the grocery store more than once a month

  • Do better with coupons (currently, I can save about 30%)

  • Keep bathrooms cleaner

  • And the floors vacuumed

  • Blinds on the windows

  • Complete the year-long Bible reading plan

  • Scrapbook 2008 Europe trip!!!

  • Take just as many pictures of Baby #2 as I did of Amelia

  • Have Baby #2

  • Blog more about the meals and projects completed

OK, I think that's enough for now! I may add some things as I think of them though.

Happy 2012 everyone!