Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Please Pray

This is the "official" e-mail that was circulated:

Most of you received word earlier this evening that Melissa Cribb fell from the second story window of her home at about 4:30 this afternoon. She pushed through the screen of an open window and fell to the driveway below. She apparently landed on her side, which given the circumstances, and in God’s providence, was probably the best possible scenario to help absorb some of the impact of her fall. D’Anne was home during the accident, but she did not witness the fall. Some neighboring children saw Melissa fall and D’Anne heard them screaming. Melissa was apparently leaning against the screen in an effort to talk with some of the children who were playing outside.

Melissa was air-lifted to Scottish Rite Hospital where the doctors were able to stabilize her. She sustained three fractures to her skull and she has some bleeding under the skull in two places. There is, however, no bleeding in her brain. The doctors expect that the fractures will be able to heal with no surgery and that the blood will be absorbed back into her tissues without issue. Although Melissa has been basically unconscious, she has moved her arms and responded to pain in various places of her body. The doctors are keeping her medically sedated and keeping her in a partial pharmacological paralysis, so for now they cannot ask her any questions about pain or feeling in other parts of her body. Their main concern over the next 24-48 hours is to watch for swelling of Melissa’s brain, which could also be accompanied by seizures.

Jay was working in Maryland today when this all happened, and he caught the first available flight home. He was expected to get into Atlanta at around 9:30. The other children (Megan, Mallory, Mitchell, and Meredith) were at the hospital with D’Anne tonight, along with a host of others that the Cribbs know from their connections with HEDGE, the Kings Academy, and Hopewell Baptist Church, not to mention Faith Community Church. I know the support was very meaningful to the whole family. Melissa has been moved into PICU, and the visitation is being restricted to family at this point.

The doctors expect that she will be in the hospital until at least next weekend, perhaps longer. The other Cribb children will be coming home tonight and will be staying at home for the most part. Megan (19 years old) will be watching out for them mostly, along with a young lady and family friend named Danielle, who has been staying with the Cribbs while she attends KSU.

Please keep all these matter regarding Melissa and her recovery in your prayers. We praise the Lord that Melissa is doing as well as she is under these circumstances. Please also keep Jay, D’Anne and the children in your prayers.

Also, if any of you would like to be involved in ministering to the Cribb family by providing a meal at some time over the next couple of weeks, please contact Mary Dettman at (678) 574-5408 or also feel free to call the church office.