Monday, July 25, 2011

A Long Time Coming- Summer Update Part 1

It has been a very packed summer so far! In some ways we are on the go what seems like ALL the time, in other ways, we are getting to spend a lot of quiet family time together at home, just the 3 of us! Here is just a glimpse at the fun summer activities so far!

Coca-Cola 125 Years Celebration in Centennial Park, Atlanta

Enjoying her first taste of frozen strawberry lemonade!

Mother's Day
This was my first Mother's Day with Amelia out-of-utero! It was such a fun day celebrating being a mommy to this precious little girl. Our outfits even matched!

Officer Training School Graduation in Montgomery, Alabama
One of our good friends, Michael, graduated from the Air Force Officer Training School. We went down for the weekend to celebrate his commissioning and graduation.

June brought on some major life changes for members of both of our families. Hannah graduated from high school. And we celebrated the start of medical school for Sharon. Also, Amelia really perfected her crawling and now scoots along with determination and speed!

Hannah's High School Graduation Party

Father's Day
Their outfits also matched! We didn't get a picture on the actual day, so we took this one the next day when Neal got home from work. Unfortunately, Amelia just wanted her dinner and was not having a pleasant experience during her photo session with dad!

Swimming with Friends, Lake Allatoona, Georgia
My sweet friend, Kenzie, whom I worked with at the Korean Consulate way back when, has a family lake house on Allatoona. Mom, Amelia and I went over one day to swim with her, her kids, and her mom! Amelia wasn't too fond of the water at first, but she eventually warmed up to it and actually ended up falling asleep while I was holding her in the water!

Sharon's Farewell Party
We celebrated Sharon's achievement of being accepted into Medical school! It is bitter-sweet, because although we are terribly excited for her to be taking this next step in pursing her passion, she will be doing it 8 hours away in West Virginia. We will miss her terribly, but hope to see her in her new home in the not so distant future!

Well, that's all I have time for now. Amelia Jane just woke up from her nap and she is quite vocal about getting out and eating her lunch! July updates will be coming soon, and there might even be a video involved! Oh, yeah, that's the hook for ya!