Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project: Posted

We are just putting together the final touches on our office. I found this fantastic frame for only $12 and decided to make a bulletin board out of it. This really is a very simple project that took about 15 minutes and cost a grand total of about $20!

Cork Board

Step 1:
Remove the glass from the frame. Cut the cork board so that it is the same size as the glass, and attach it to the backer-board.

Step 2:
Lay the fabric upside down and place the back of the frame cork side down on top of it.

Step 3:
Wrap the fabric around the board pulling it taunt and securing it as you go. I wanted the flexibility to be able to change out the fabric in the future, so I just used some heavy duty packing tape to secure the fabric instead of glue.

REMEMBER: Fold the corners neatly!!

Step 4:
Decide on a pattern for your ribbon, then simply pull tight then tape or glue them into place on the back.

Step 5:
Place the now covered board into the frame and secure. Hang it on the wall, and enjoy your beautiful reminder board that holds all of your to-do lists!


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Super cute and a great practical idea!

Chad and Mollie Hayes said...

I just found your blog! I love your crafty ideas--I will be pics please!

Sherree said...

Pretty and practical! I like it!