Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Baby Wave!

It seems that these things come in massive waves; seriously, tidal wave proportions here! It is either no one's having a baby, or it is what seems like everyone is having a baby....all at the same time! Right now, we are in the everyone is having a baby phase! So, that means I get to work on lots of projects! I loved getting handmade specialties when I was pregnant with Amelia, and I hope that the sentiment is the same for other mommas who receive something especially made for their little blessing! Also, I try to make them practical becuase really, who needs one more thing to clutter up space that will probably be discovered by and destroyed played with by that little blessing a year later!

Handmade Faux Chenille Blanket
This blanket was a tedious one, as in this is the blanket that never ends... but WELL worth the end result! I just followed the tutorial on  Dana Made It. If you are wanting to try this one, it's simple in the fact that you are simply sewing straight lines, then partially cutting them, but it took me 8-9 hours over the course of 2 weeks during nap times, which are now infrequent at best, and after bedtime! 

Self-Binding Flannel & Fleece Baby Play Blanket
This blanket was a lot less time consuming. It took only about an hour to make and it's a great size for playing on the floor or even outside! Instead of two sided flannel, I made it with one side flannel and one side anti-pill fleece for some extra softness. Here is the tutorial I used from Tea Rose Home.

Nursing Cover
Another go-to gift I like to do for baby showers is nursing covers. These allow a considerate nursing mother to feed her baby nearly anywhere without the risk of exposure and making others possibly feel uncomfortable. It's lightweight so that neither the baby nor mother get hot, and it has boning at the top so eye contact with the baby never has to be disrupted. I don't have a tutorial to send you to on this one as I just sort of make them now without directions. Maybe one day I'll write one up on how I do it, but they are fairly simple to make and I'm sure Pinterest is abounding with great ideas for embellishments and all the bells & whistles you can add to these!

That's it for now....until the next baby shower month!

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Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Cute projects! And no kidding! Babies seem to be contagious. I have 8 friends who have been due in far!