Monday, April 16, 2012

Making Laundry...Enjoyable?!

The laundry room has long been neglected around here. But, with the shifting of rooms to make space for the new nursery, I'm loosing the craft/office/everything-happens-in-here room. So, I needed to move all my scrapbooking, sewing and other craft supplies somewhere, and the current linen closet was just the spot. So, now what was I to do with the towels and sheets?! With a quick and inexpensive addition of a shelf, shopping the house for some baskets, they now have a new home and I get slightly giddy every time I look in my laundry room! The new spot for the cleaning schedule has even helped me to stay on track, for the most part, over the last month! Gotta love that! All I need to do still is add a few attractive labels and I'll call this one done.




Cleaning Schedule

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