Thursday, April 5, 2012


I try to keep the "essentials" in stock around the house just in case someone jumps in the shower and oops, we're out of shampoo! My modest stockpile was getting a bit low, so I jumped over to a few of my go-to websites for these types of situations: and Fortunately, some of the things I needed were on sale at some really good prices, and there were a few money makers at the stores I was going to anyways! Always love it when that happens, but unfortunately, once I got to the store, the money makers were gone :( Oh well, good deals were still to be found!

Here's the breakdown (pre-tax):

Full Price- $39.97
Total Actually Spent- $17.93
Total Savings- 54%

I thought that was a pretty good day and especially considering I would have bought these types of products anyways. Sure, we don't always get our "preferred" brands, but fortunately, no one around here is that picky and will usually just use whatever is available! It works for us!>

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